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as well as (o) [besides] außer (o) [besides]
as well as (o) [besides] darüber hinaus (o) [besides]
as well as (o) [besides] neben (o) [besides]
as well as (o) [general] als auch (o) [general]
as well as (a) sowie (a)
as well as (o) [general] sowie (o) [general]
as well as (o) [general] und auch (o) [general]
as well as (o) [general] wie auch (o) [general]
as well as und
as well as (n) sowohl (n)
as well as sowohl als auch

EN DE Translations for as

as ebenso
as (v) als (v)
as (o) [in the same way as] als (o) [in the same way as]
as (o) [reason] da (o) [reason]
as (o) [reason] da einmal (o) [reason]
as (o) [reason] denn (o) [reason]
as (o) [comparison] genauso wie (o) [comparison]
as (o) [comparison] genau wie (o) [comparison]
as (o) [correlation] in dem Maße wie (o) [correlation]
as (o) [correlation] je nachdem wie (o) [correlation]

EN DE Translations for well

well Rohr {n}
well stark
well gänzlich
well (o) [interjection] na ja (o) [interjection]
well Mulde (f)
well also
well Ursprung {m}
well (a) gut (a)
well (o) [degree] gut (o) [degree]
well (o) [general] gut (o) [general]
EN Synonyms for as well as DE Translations
along with [in addition to] samt
including [in addition to] zurechnend
together with [in addition to] mitsamt
aside from [over and above] außerdem
beyond [over and above] weiterhin
apart from [over and above] ... außer Acht gelassen
else [over and above] andernfalls
besides [over and above] nebstdem
additionally [addition] ergänzend
as well [addition] weiter
moreover [addition] zudem
further [addition] zusätzlich
too [addition] überdies