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andauernd (o) [ständig] constantly (o) [ständig]
andauernd (o) [Zeit] continuously (o) [Zeit]
andauernd (o) [ständig] continuously (o) [ständig]
andauernd (adv) [without pause] continuously (adv) [without pause]
andauernd (o) [ständig] continually (o) [ständig]
andauernd (a) [kontinuierlich] ongoing (a) [kontinuierlich]
andauernd continuous
andauernd (o) [Zeit] uninterruptedly (o) [Zeit]
andauernd (a) persistent (a)
andauernd (o) [ständig] at all times (o) [ständig]
andauernd (o) [ständig] persistently (o) [ständig]
andauernd (a) [kontinuierlich] continuing (a) [kontinuierlich]
andauernd (o) [Zeit] relentlessly (o) [Zeit]
andauernd (o) [Zeit] incessantly (o) [Zeit]
andauernd (o) [allgemein] over and over again (o) [allgemein]
andauernd (o) [allgemein] at every turn (o) [allgemein]
andauernd (o) [allgemein] time and time again (o) [allgemein]
andauernd (o) [allgemein] repeatedly (o) [allgemein]
andauernd (a) [dauernd] lasting (a) [dauernd]
andauernd (a) [dauernd] permanent (a) [dauernd]
andauernd (o) [Zeit] ceaselessly (o) [Zeit]
andauernd (a) [dauernd] enduring (a) [dauernd]
andauernd (a) [kontinuierlich] persisting (a) [kontinuierlich]
andauernd lastingly
andauernd enduringly
andauernd perennial
andauernd long-standing
andauernd for a long time
andauernd (adv n) [''(colloquially)'' constantly or frequently] forever (adv n) [''(colloquially)'' constantly or frequently]
andauernd constant
andauernd incessant
andauernd persistent
andauernd abiding

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