English German
Young shoot Schössling
young shrub transplant leichter Strauch
young socialist Juso
Young Socialists in the SPD Jusos
young spider Jungspinne
young sportspeople Sportjugend
young squaw Indianermädchen
young stage Jugendstadium
young stock Jungvieh
young stone age Jungsteinzeit
young swan junge Schwan
Young tableau Young-Tableau
young talent Nachwuchs
young teen Teenie
young teenage girl Teenie
young teenager Teenie
young thing Küken
young things junge Dinger
Young Tom Edison Der junge Edison
young tree Gerte
young trees Bäumchen
young Turk Jungtürke
Young Turks Jungtürken
young upwardly mobile professional Yuppie
young urban professional Yuppie
young venison steak Hirschkalbssteak
Young Vienna Jung-Wien
Young Vivian Young Vivian
young voter Jungwähler
young voters Jungwähler
young wild boar Frischling
young wild boars Frischlinge
Young Winston Der junge Löwe
Young Wives' Tale Mit Küchenbenutzung
young woman junge Frau
Young Woman of 1914 Junge Frau von 1914
young worker Jungarbeiter
young workers Arbeiterjugend
Young's double-slit interferometer Young-Doppelspaltinterferometer
Young's equation Young'sche Gleichung
Young's inequality Youngsche Ungleichung
Young's interferometer Young-Interferometer
Young's modulus Elastizitätsmodul
Young's theorem Satz von Young
young'un Kind
young-adult fiction Jugendroman
young-adult literature , YA Jugendliteratur
young-making dress jüngermachendes Kleid
Youngblood Bodycheck
Youngblood Hawke Ein Mann kam nach New York
younger jünger
Younger and Younger Younger and Younger
younger brother jüngerer Bruder
Younger Dryas Jüngere Dryas
Younger Edda Snorra-Edda
younger generation Jungen
younger sister jüngere Schwester
youngest am jüngsten
youngest but one zweitjüngst
Youngest child Benjamin
youngest member of the German Youth Pimpf
youngish jünger
youngling Jüngling
younglings Jünglinge
youngness Jugendlichkeit
youngster Jugendliche
youngsters Jugend