Vorrichtung has 122 translations in 17 languages

translations of Vorrichtung

DEENEnglish10 translations
DEESSpanish6 translations
  • mecanismo(n)[Hilfsmittel, mechanisch, piece of equipment]{m}
  • dispositivo(n)[Hilfsmittel, mechanisch, piece of equipment]{m}
  • material(n)[physical means of doing something]{m}
  • aparejo(n)[piece of equipment, special equipment or gear]{m}
  • instalación(n)[physical means of doing something]{f}
  • artilugio(n)[complicated and precarious machine]
DEFRFrench14 translations
  • dispositif(n)[Hilfsmittel, mechanisch, (mechanical) device to perform a certain task]{m}
  • appareil(n)[piece of equipment, (mechanical) device to perform a certain task]{m}
  • manœuvre(n)[project, stratagem, artifice]{m}
  • équipement(n)[physical means of doing something]{m}
  • matériel(n)[physical means of doing something]{m}
  • machin(n)[complicated and precarious machine]{m}
  • ruse(n)[project, stratagem, artifice]{f}
  • mécanisme(n)[mechanisch]{m}
  • centre(n)[physical means of doing something]{m}
  • infrastructure(n)[physical means of doing something]{f}
  • installation(n)[physical means of doing something]{f}
  • stratagème(n)[project, stratagem, artifice]{m}
  • artifice(n)[project, stratagem, artifice]{m}
  • pôle(n)[physical means of doing something]{m}
DEITItalian8 translations
DEPTPortuguese11 translations
  • Dispositivo(n)[Hilfsmittel]
  • aparelho[mechanisch, piece of equipment, (mechanical) device to perform a certain task]{m}
  • dispositivo[mechanisch, piece of equipment]{m}
  • aparato[mechanisch, piece of equipment]{m}
  • mecanismo[mechanisch]{m}
  • instalação(n)[physical means of doing something]{f}
  • artimanha(n)[elaborate means to accomplish an objective]{f}
  • geringonça(n)[complicated and precarious machine]
  • artifício(n)[elaborate means to accomplish an objective, project, stratagem, artifice]
  • aparelhagem(n v)[special equipment or gear](n v)
  • engenhoca(n)[complicated and precarious machine](n)
DENLDutch6 translations
DESVSwedish8 translations
DECSCzech1 translation
DEPLPolish2 translations
DEBGBulgarian9 translations
DEHUHungarian3 translations
DERURussian21 translations
DESLSlovenian2 translations
DEJAJapanese2 translations
DENOno1 translation
DEFIfi15 translations
  • laite[piece of equipment]
  • laitos(n)[physical means of doing something]
  • juoni(n)[project, stratagem, artifice]
  • vehje(n)[complicated and precarious machine]
  • väline
  • suunnitelma(n)[project, stratagem, artifice]
  • laitteisto(n v)[special equipment or gear]
  • vekotin(n)[complicated and precarious machine](vekotin)
  • vempele(n)[(mechanical) device to perform a certain task](n)
  • vempain(n)[complicated and precarious machine](n)
  • hilavitkutin(n)[complicated and precarious machine](n)
  • rekkula(n)[(mechanical) device to perform a certain task](n)
  • vimpain(n)[(mechanical) device to perform a certain task](n)
  • fasiliteetti(n)[physical means of doing something](n)
  • mukavuudet(n)[physical means of doing something](n)
DETRtr3 translations
  • aygıt(n)[piece of equipment]
  • cihaz(n)[piece of equipment]
  • alet(n)[piece of equipment]