Vermögen has 164 translations in 19 languages

translations of Vermögen

DEENEnglish21 translations
DEESSpanish15 translations
DEFRFrench19 translations
DEITItalian16 translations
DEPTPortuguese15 translations
DENLDutch12 translations
DESVSwedish11 translations
DECSCzech2 translations
DEPLPolish6 translations
DEDADanish2 translations
  • Effekt(fysik)
  • rigdom(n)[riches; valuable material possessions]{n}
DEBGBulgarian5 translations
DEHUHungarian2 translations
  • gazdagság(n)[riches; valuable material possessions]
  • vagyon(n)[lots of riches](n)
DERURussian10 translations
DESLSlovenian2 translations
DEJAJapanese3 translations
  • 財産(n)[riches; valuable material possessions](n)
  • (n)[lots of riches, riches; valuable material possessions](n)
  • (n)[riches; valuable material possessions](n)
DEVIVietnamese1 translation
  • tài phúc(n)[riches; valuable material possessions]
DENOno4 translations
DEFIfi13 translations
DETRtr5 translations
  • servet(n)[Geld, lots of riches, riches; valuable material possessions]
  • yetenek(n)[Leistungsfähigkeit]
  • mal
  • varlık(n)[riches; valuable material possessions]
  • yeti(n)[ability, skill, or power](n)