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translations of Umzug

DEENEnglish10 translations
DEESSpanish4 translations
  • procesión(n)[Marsch, Unterhaltung]{f}
  • mudanza(n)[Wechsel, Möbel, The relocation of a business etc, moving to another place]{f}
  • desfile(n)[Unterhaltung]{m}
  • traslado(n)[moving to another place]{m}
DEFRFrench5 translations
DEITItalian5 translations
DEPTPortuguese3 translations
DENLDutch5 translations
DESVSwedish4 translations
DECSCzech3 translations
DEPLPolish5 translations
DEBGBulgarian1 translation
DEHUHungarian1 translation
DERURussian5 translations
DESLSlovenian1 translation
DEJAJapanese1 translation
  • 移転(n)[moving to another place](n)
DEFIfi3 translations
DETRtr2 translations