Scrabble has 29 translations in 17 languages

translations of Scrabble

DEENEnglish2 translations
  • Scrabble(n)[Spiele, board game with interlocking words]
  • scrabble(n)[Brettspiel](informal)
DEESSpanish2 translations
DEFRFrench2 translations
DEITItalian2 translations
DEPTPortuguese2 translations
DENLDutch1 translation
  • scrabble[Spiele, board game with interlocking words]{n}
DESVSwedish4 translations
DECSCzech1 translation
DEPLPolish1 translation
  • Scrabble[board game with interlocking words]
DEDADanish1 translation
DEBGBulgarian1 translation
DEHUHungarian1 translation
DERURussian3 translations
DESLSlovenian2 translations
  • Scrabble
  • Šopi(proper)[board game with interlocking words](proper)
DEJAJapanese1 translation
DENOno1 translation
DEFIfi2 translations