Schwiegertochter has 34 translations in 20 languages

translations of Schwiegertochter

DEENEnglish3 translations
DEESSpanish1 translation
  • nuera(n)[Ehefrau, allgemein, wife of one's son]{f}
DEFRFrench2 translations
  • belle-fille(n)[Ehefrau, allgemein, wife of one's son]{f}
  • bru(n)[Ehefrau, wife of one's son]{f}
DEITItalian1 translation
  • nuora(n)[Ehefrau, allgemein, wife of one's son]{f}
DEPTPortuguese1 translation
  • nora(n)[Ehefrau, allgemein, wife of one's son]{f}
DENLDutch1 translation
DESVSwedish2 translations
DECSCzech1 translation
DEPLPolish2 translations
  • synowa(n)[Ehefrau, wife of one's son]{f}
  • snecha(n)[wife of one's son](n)
DEDADanish1 translation
DEBGBulgarian2 translations
DEHUHungarian1 translation
  • meny(n)[wife of one's son]
DERURussian3 translations
DESLSlovenian1 translation
  • snaha[wife of one's son]{f}
DEZHChinese6 translations
DEJAJapanese1 translation
  • (n)[wife of one's son](yome)
DEVIVietnamese1 translation
DENOno1 translation
DEFIfi2 translations
DETRtr1 translation