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translations of Schwächen

DEENEnglish23 translations
DEESSpanish7 translations
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DEPTPortuguese8 translations
DENLDutch5 translations
  • ontkrachten(v)[Gesundheit, Kraft, to make ineffectual or meaningless]
  • slap maken[Gesundheit]
  • verzwakken(v)[Kraft, to make weaker, to make ineffectual or meaningless, Wirkung, Mut, Gesundheit]
  • schaden[Wirkung]
  • slopen[Gesundheit]
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DECSCzech1 translation
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DERURussian8 translations
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DENOno1 translation
DEFIfi2 translations
  • mitätöidä(v)[to make ineffectual or meaningless]
  • heikentää(v)[to make weaker, to reduce strength or energy; debilitate]
DETRtr1 translation