schon has 56 translations in 20 languages

translations of schon

DEENEnglish7 translations
DEESSpanish2 translations
  • ya(a)[Zeit, prior to some time]
  • mucho(adv)[extremely]
DEFRFrench2 translations
DEITItalian2 translations
  • già(a)[Zeit, prior to some time]
  • mille(adv)[extremely]{m}
DEPTPortuguese1 translation
  • (a)[Zeit, prior to some time]
DENLDutch3 translations
  • reeds(a)[Zeit, prior to some time]
  • al(a)[Zeit, prior to some time]{n}
  • alreeds(adv)[prior to some time]
DESVSwedish2 translations
DECSCzech2 translations
  • (adv)[prior to some time]
  • již(adv)[prior to some time]
DEPLPolish1 translation
  • już(a)[prior to some time]
DEDADanish1 translation
DEBGBulgarian3 translations
DEHUHungarian1 translation
  • már(adv)[prior to some time]
DERURussian7 translations
DESLSlovenian2 translations
  • že
  • žé(adv)[prior to some time](adv)
DEZHChinese5 translations
DEJAJapanese4 translations
DEVIVietnamese2 translations
  • rồi(adv)[prior to some time]
  • đã(adv)[prior to some time]
DENOno4 translations
DEFIfi2 translations
  • jo(a)[prior to some time]
  • vielä(adv)[prior to some time]
DETRtr3 translations