herb has 42 translations in 12 languages

translations of herb

DEENEnglish10 translations
DEESSpanish2 translations
  • amargo(a)[Geschmack, with sharp taste, sour]
  • ácido(a)[Geschmack, with sharp taste, sour]{m}
DEFRFrench4 translations
  • amer(a)[Verallgemeinerungen von [1], Geschmack, bitter, with sharp taste, sour]{m}
  • acerbe(a)[Verallgemeinerungen von [1]]
  • mordant(adj n v)[with sharp taste, sour]
  • âpre(a)[Geschmack]
DEITItalian3 translations
  • aspro(adj n v)[with sharp taste, sour]
  • amaro[Geschmack]{m}
  • acido(adj n v)[with sharp taste, sour]{m}
DEPTPortuguese2 translations
  • amargo[Geschmack]{m}
  • azedo(adj n v)[with sharp taste, sour]
DENLDutch3 translations
  • bitter[Geschmack]{m}
  • wrang(adj n v)[with sharp taste, sour]
  • zuur(adj n v)[with sharp taste, sour]{n}
DESVSwedish6 translations
  • hård(a)[Verallgemeinerungen von [1]]
  • kärv(a)[Verallgemeinerungen von [1], with sharp taste, sour]
  • sträv(a)[Verallgemeinerungen von [1]]
  • bitter(a)[bitter, Geschmack]
  • besk(a)[bitter]
  • sur(adj n v)[with sharp taste, sour]
DEPLPolish2 translations
DERURussian4 translations
DENOno2 translations
DEFIfi3 translations
DETRtr1 translation