Bach has 111 translations in 20 languages

translations of Bach

DEENEnglish22 translations
DEESSpanish6 translations
  • riachuelo(n)[klein, Geologie, Wasser]{m}
  • arroyo(n)[klein, Geologie, Wasser, a small stream, small river, stream of water]{m}
  • corriente(n v)[small river]{f}
  • flujo(n v)[small river]{m}
  • Bach(proper)[German composer]
  • ensenada{f}
DEFRFrench5 translations
  • ruisseau(n)[klein, Geologie, Wasser, a small stream, small river, stream of water]{m}
  • ru(n)[klein]{m}
  • ruisselet(n)[klein]{m}
  • Bach(proper)[German composer]
  • crique
DEITItalian9 translations
DEPTPortuguese6 translations
DENLDutch7 translations
  • beek(n)[klein, Geologie, Wasser, a small stream, stream]{m}
  • stroom(n v)[small river, stream]{m}
  • stroompje[Geologie]{n}
  • riviertje[Geologie]{n}
  • sloot(n v)[stream]{m}
  • broek(v n)[a small stream]{m}
  • Bach(proper)[German composer]
DESVSwedish6 translations
  • bäck(n)[klein, Geologie, Wasser, a small stream, small river](u)
  • flod(n)[Typografie, small river](u)
  • vik(u)
  • bukt(u)
  • ström(n v)[small river](u)
  • Bach(proper)[German composer](proper)
DECSCzech3 translations
DEPLPolish7 translations
DEDADanish4 translations
DEBGBulgarian4 translations
DEHUHungarian2 translations
  • patak(v n)[a small stream, small river, stream of water]
  • Bach(proper)[German composer]
DERURussian7 translations
DESLSlovenian3 translations
DEHIHindi3 translations
DEJAJapanese3 translations
  • 流れ(n v)[small river](nagare)
  • バッハ(proper)[German composer](Bahha)
  • 小川(v n)[a small stream, small river](ogawa)
DEVIVietnamese1 translation
DENOno4 translations
DEFIfi7 translations
DETRtr2 translations
  • çay[small river, stream of water]
  • dere[small river]