tavshed has 33 translations in 19 languages

translations of tavshed

DAESSpanish1 translation
DAFRFrench1 translation
DAITItalian1 translation
DAPTPortuguese1 translation
DADEGerman2 translations
DANLDutch1 translation
DASVSwedish1 translation
DAPLPolish2 translations
DACSCzech2 translations
DABGBulgarian3 translations
DAHUHungarian2 translations
  • csend[lack of any sound]
  • csönd(n v int)[lack of any sound]
DAAFAfrikaans1 translation
  • stilte(n v int)[lack of any sound]
DARURussian4 translations
DASLSlovenian2 translations
  • tišina[lack of any sound]{f}
  • molk(n v int)[lack of any sound](n v int)
DAZHChinese1 translation
DAHIHindi2 translations
DAJAJapanese4 translations
  • 静けさ[lack of any sound](shízukesa)
  • 静寂(n v int)[lack of any sound](seijaku)
  • 黙秘(n v int)[lack of any sound](mokuhi)
  • 沈黙(n v int)[lack of any sound](n v int)
DAVIVietnamese1 translation