nærig has 30 translations in 12 languages

translations of nærig

DAESSpanish3 translations
  • mezquino(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]{m}
  • tacaño(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]{m}
  • agarrado(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]
DAFRFrench5 translations
  • pingre(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]{m}
  • radin(adj)[unwilling to spend or give](informal)
  • rapiat(adj)[unwilling to spend or give](informal)
  • chiche(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]
  • radine(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]{f}
DAITItalian3 translations
  • avaro(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]{m}
  • tirchio(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]{m}
  • taccagno(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]{m}
DAPTPortuguese1 translation
  • avaro(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]{m}
DADEGerman4 translations
  • gierig(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]
  • geizig(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]
  • knauserig(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]
  • knausrig(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]
DASVSwedish1 translation
  • snål(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]
DAPLPolish1 translation
  • skąpy(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]
DACSCzech1 translation
  • lakomý(adj)[unwilling to spend or give]
DAHUHungarian3 translations
  • zsugori(adj)[unwilling to spend or give](adj)
  • fösvény(adj)[unwilling to spend or give](adj)
  • fukar(adj)[unwilling to spend or give](adj)
DARURussian4 translations
DAHIHindi1 translation
DAJAJapanese3 translations