utopit se has 20 translations in 14 languages

translations of utopit se

CSENEnglish1 translation
  • drown(v)[to be suffocated in fluid]
CSESSpanish1 translation
CSFRFrench1 translation
CSITItalian2 translations
CSPTPortuguese1 translation
CSDEGerman1 translation
CSNLDutch2 translations
CSSVSwedish1 translation
  • drunkna(v)[to be suffocated in fluid]
CSPLPolish1 translation
  • tonąć(v)[to be suffocated in fluid]
CSBGBulgarian2 translations
CSHUHungarian1 translation
  • fullad(v)[to be suffocated in fluid](v)
CSRURussian3 translations
CSJAJapanese2 translations
CSVIVietnamese1 translation
  • dìm(v)[to be suffocated in fluid](v)