Парцал has 36 translations in 14 languages

translations of Парцал

BGESSpanish1 translation
  • trapo[a piece of cloth]{m}
BGFRFrench2 translations
BGITItalian3 translations
BGPTPortuguese4 translations
BGDEGerman3 translations
BGNLDutch5 translations
  • vod(n)[a piece of cloth, piece of cloth](m/f/n)
  • doek(n v)[piece of cloth]{n}
  • luier(n v)[swaddling cloth]{m}
  • wikkel(n v)[swaddling cloth]
  • lap(n v)[piece of cloth]
BGSVSwedish5 translations
BGPLPolish1 translation
BGDADanish3 translations
BGCSCzech1 translation
BGHUHungarian1 translation
BGRURussian2 translations
BGSLSlovenian2 translations