оборудване has 69 translations in 15 languages

translations of оборудване

BGESSpanish10 translations
BGFRFrench11 translations
  • équipement[physical means of doing something, whatever is used in equipping]{m}
  • matériel(n)[physical means of doing something]{m}
  • bagages(n)[equipment or supplies, especially military ones](mp)
  • centre(n)[physical means of doing something]{m}
  • infrastructure(n)[physical means of doing something]{f}
  • installation(n)[physical means of doing something]{f}
  • machine{f}
  • pôle(n)[physical means of doing something]{m}
  • fourgons(n)[equipment or supplies, especially military ones](n)
  • train des équipages(n)[equipment or supplies, especially military ones](n)
  • machinerie{f}
BGITItalian5 translations
BGPTPortuguese4 translations
BGDEGerman6 translations
BGNLDutch4 translations
BGSVSwedish4 translations
BGPLPolish3 translations
BGDADanish2 translations
BGCSCzech3 translations
BGHUHungarian2 translations
BGRURussian8 translations
BGSLSlovenian2 translations
BGJAJapanese2 translations