главен has 60 translations in 14 languages

translations of главен

BG EN English 1 translation
  • general (adj n) [consisting of only the most important aspects; indefinite]
BG ES Spanish 5 translations
BG FR French 3 translations
BG IT Italian 7 translations
BG PT Portuguese 9 translations
  • chefe (n adj) [leader of group etc] {m}
  • central (adj) [being the most important]
  • fundamental (adj n) [of fundamental importance, of prime importance]
  • principal (adj n) [of fundamental importance]
  • capital (n adj) [of prime importance] {m}
  • líder (n adj) [leader of group etc] {m}
  • cardeal (adj n) [of fundamental importance, of or relating to the cardinal directions] {m}
  • generalizado (adj n) [consisting of only the most important aspects; indefinite]
  • maiúsculo (n adj) [uppercase] (n adj)
BG DE German 5 translations
BG NL Dutch 3 translations
BG SV Swedish 6 translations
BG PL Polish 2 translations
  • wódz (n adj) [leader of group etc] {m}
  • kardynalny (adj n) [of fundamental importance] (adj n)
BG CS Czech 1 translation
BG RU Russian 7 translations
BG HI Hindi 1 translation
BG JA Japanese 5 translations
BG VI Vietnamese 5 translations