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translations of spotprent

AFESSpanish3 translations
AFFRFrench3 translations
AFPTPortuguese3 translations
  • caricatura[humorous drawing or strip]{f}
  • charge(n v)[humorous drawing or strip, satire of public figures](n v)
  • cartum(n v)[satire of public figures](n v)
AFDEGerman3 translations
  • Cartoon(n v)[humorous drawing or strip]{m}
  • Karikatur(n v)[humorous drawing or strip]{f}
  • Karton[humorous drawing or strip]{m}
AFPLPolish4 translations
AFDADanish2 translations
AFCSCzech1 translation
AFRURussian5 translations
AFZHChinese5 translations
AFJAJapanese3 translations
  • 戯画(n v)[humorous drawing or strip]
  • 風刺画(n v)[humorous drawing or strip](n v)
  • 漫画(n v)[humorous drawing or strip](n v)
AFVIVietnamese1 translation