Hertog has 33 translations in 16 languages

translations of Hertog

AFESSpanish2 translations
AFFRFrench2 translations
  • duc[male ruler of a duchy]{m}
  • Duc
AFITItalian2 translations
AFPTPortuguese2 translations
AFDEGerman1 translation
  • Herzog[male ruler of a duchy]{m}
AFNLDutch1 translation
  • hertog[male ruler of a duchy]{m}
AFSVSwedish2 translations
AFPLPolish2 translations
AFDADanish2 translations
AFCSCzech2 translations
AFBGBulgarian4 translations
AFHUHungarian2 translations
AFRURussian4 translations
AFSLSlovenian2 translations
AFJAJapanese1 translation