hardloop has 19 translations in 15 languages

translations of hardloop

AFESSpanish1 translation
AFFRFrench1 translation
AFITItalian1 translation
  • corsa[the act of running]{f}
AFPTPortuguese1 translation
AFDEGerman1 translation
  • Lauf[the act of running]{m}
AFNLDutch1 translation
  • loop(n adj v)[the act of running]{m}
AFPLPolish1 translation
  • bieg[the act of running]{m}
AFDADanish1 translation
  • løb[the act of running]{n}
AFCSCzech1 translation
  • běh[the act of running]{m}
AFBGBulgarian4 translations
AFRURussian2 translations
AFZHChinese1 translation
AFJAJapanese1 translation
  • 走る[the act of running](hashiru)
AFVIVietnamese1 translation
  • chạy(n adj v)[the act of running]