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VCG: Meaning Category
VCG Véhicule de Combat du Genie (armoured engineer vehicle) military
VCG Vickrey, Clarke, and Groves method computing abbreviations and acronyms
VCG Virtual Combat Group Military abbreviations
VCG Virtual Coordination Group Military abbreviations
VCG Viewer Client Generator software abbreviations and acronyms
VCG Visualisation of Compiler Graphs software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to vcg

  • VC - Video Codec
  • VHS - Video Home System
  • V/S - Vertical speed
  • VASI - Visual approach slope indicator
  • VGA - Video Graphics Array
  • VOX - Voice transmission
  • VSI - Vertical speed indicator
  • VSO - Stall speed in landing configuration
  • VX - Speed for best angle of climb
  • VFC - Vaccines for Children
  • VAK - Vehicle Adaptor Kit
  • VBC - Véhicule Blindé de Combat (armoured combat vehicle)
  • VBCI - Véhicule Blindé de Combat d'Infanterie
  • VCA - Véhicule Chenillé d'Accompagnement (tracked support vehicle)
  • VCC - Veicolo Corazzato de Combattimento
  • VCI - Véhicule de Combat d'Infanterie; Vehiculo combate infanteria (infantry combat vehicle)
  • VEC - Vehiculo de Exploraciòn de Caballerie
  • VHIS - visual hit indicator system
  • VVSS - vertical volute spring suspension