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Tb: Meaning Category
Tb Terbium Acronym
TB: Meaning Category
TB Tuberculosis healthcare
TB Trashy Bags ghana
TB Tubing Puncher Log oil&gas
TB Transaction Banking business
TB TeraByte computing
TB Triple Burner Chemistry abbreviations
TB Teen Baby Community abbreviations
TB Tenant Buyer Community abbreviations
TB Thermoelectric Battery Electronics abbreviations
TB Tight Binding Electronics abbreviations
TB Time Bracket Electronics abbreviations
TB Transistor Baseline Electronics abbreviations
TB Transistor Bass Electronics abbreviations
TB To Be computing abbreviations and acronyms
TB Turn Based computing abbreviations and acronyms
TB Tank Buster Military abbreviations
TB Technical Bulletin Military abbreviations
TB Temporary Building Military abbreviations
TB The Bunker Military abbreviations
TB Torture Brace Military abbreviations
TB Tampa Bay Rays sports abbreviations
TB Team Battle sports abbreviations
TB Tenitope Bolegun sports abbreviations
TB Thoroughbred sports abbreviations
TB Total Bases (baseball) sports abbreviations
TB Tsunami Bomb sports abbreviations
TB Text Book University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to tb

  • TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
  • TV - Television
  • TAF - Terminal area forecast
  • TBO - Time before overhaul, or time between overhaul
  • TDOP - Time dilution of precision
  • TVE - Total vertical error
  • TWIP - Terminal weather information for pilots
  • TPA - Third-party administrator or third-party administration
  • TIPU - Thermal Image Processing Units
  • TOP - Total Obscuring Power
  • TP - Target Practice
  • TTB - Tank TestBed (US)
  • TAP - Transition Assistance Program
  • TTP - Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
  • TF - Task Force
  • TFOA - Things Falling Off Aircraft
  • TBA - Traditional birth attendant
  • TBBPA - TetraBromoBisPhenol-A