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SLM: Meaning Category
SLM Matacán Airport [Salamanca, Spain] IATA Airport Code
SLM Service Level Management computing
SLM Slit lamp microscope optometric
SLM Software Learning Mall Educational abbreviations
SLM Sound Level Meter Electronics abbreviations
SLM Spatial Light Modulator Electronics abbreviations
SLM SeaLift Magazine media abbreviations and acronyms
SLM Sea- Launched Missile Military abbreviations
SLM Secondary Logistics Management Military abbreviations
SLM Stock Level Management Military abbreviations
SLM Submarine- Launched Missile Military abbreviations
SLM System Library Manager Military abbreviations
SLM USAF School for Latin America Military abbreviations
SLM Software License Manager software abbreviations and acronyms
SLM Statistical Language Model software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to slm

  • SALM - Single Anchor Loading Mooring
  • SLN - Salina Municipal Airport
  • SLAM - Street Level Airway Management
  • SOLINE - Southeastern Library Information Network
  • SCLAN - Site Control Local Area Network
  • slowmo - Slow motion
  • SLEM - Self Loading Experimental Model (battle rifle of British origin)
  • SLMA - Single Line Missile Assembly
  • SLME - Select Manual Entry