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fW: Meaning Category
fW Femtowatt Acronym
FW: Meaning Category
FW Fighter Wing Airforce
FW Forward Acronym
FW Featherweight sports
FW First Wall Chemistry abbreviations
FW Formula Weight Chemistry abbreviations
FW Fire Works Community abbreviations
FW Filament Wound Electronics abbreviations
FW Fluctuating Wildly Electronics abbreviations
FW Frequency Weights Electronics abbreviations
FW Full Wave Electronics abbreviations
FW Fast Write computing abbreviations and acronyms
FW File for Writing computing abbreviations and acronyms
FW FORTRAN Wrapper computing abbreviations and acronyms
FW Finding Wayne media abbreviations and acronyms
FW Finnegans Wake media abbreviations and acronyms
FW Fourth World media abbreviations and acronyms
FW Fixed Wing Military abbreviations
FW Fixed-Wing Military abbreviations
FW Flying Warriors Military abbreviations
FW Focke Wolfe Military abbreviations
FW Focke Wulf Military abbreviations
FW Weather Correction Factor Military abbreviations
FW Fairway Wood sports abbreviations
FW Fantasy Wrestling sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to fw

  • FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
  • FBW - Fly-by-wire
  • FF - Fuel flow
  • FI - Fiscal intermediary
  • FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • FFE - Fire for Effect
  • FH - field howitzer
  • FO - Forward Observer
  • FOO - forward observation officer
  • FPA - Focal Plane Array
  • FUE - First Unit Equipped
  • FV - fighting vehicle
  • FY - fiscal year
  • FOA - Field Operating Agency
  • FOUO - For Official Use Only
  • FA - Fireman Apprentice
  • FHO - Foundation house officer
  • FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization
  • FYO - Federated Youth Organization