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F.O. Flight Officer Military abbreviations
fo: Meaning Category
fo Faroese language (ISO 639-1 code) Acronym
FO: Meaning Category
FO Forward Observer military
FO Fox Operator Chemistry abbreviations
FO Finished Object computing abbreviations and acronyms
FO Falcon Office Military abbreviations
FO Fiber Optic Military abbreviations
FO Fiber Optics Military abbreviations
FO Flash Override Military abbreviations
FO Follow-on Military abbreviations
FO Force Operations Military abbreviations
FO Fly out sports abbreviations
FO Foul out sports abbreviations
FO Faroe Islands (ISO 3166 digram; FIPS 10-4 territory code) Acronym
FO Force Operations (military) Acronym
FO Forward Observer Acronym
FO Frame Optional (military symbology) Acronym

Abbreviations similar to fo

  • FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
  • FBW - Fly-by-wire
  • FF - Fuel flow
  • FI - Fiscal intermediary
  • FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • FFE - Fire for Effect
  • FH - field howitzer
  • FOO - forward observation officer
  • FPA - Focal Plane Array
  • FUE - First Unit Equipped
  • FV - fighting vehicle
  • FY - fiscal year
  • FOA - Field Operating Agency
  • FOUO - For Official Use Only
  • FW - Fighter Wing
  • FA - Fireman Apprentice
  • FHO - Foundation house officer
  • FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization
  • FYO - Federated Youth Organization