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FBI: Meaning Category
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation military
FBI From Big Island Community abbreviations
FBI Full Blooded Indian Community abbreviations
FBI Four Basic Improvements Educational abbreviations
FBI Future Basic Investigators Educational abbreviations
FBI Fragged By Intelligence computing abbreviations and acronyms
FBI Frontend-Backend Integration computing abbreviations and acronyms
FBI Fast Breaking Information media abbreviations and acronyms
FBI Federation of British Industry (later C B I) media abbreviations and acronyms
FBI Female Body Inspector Military abbreviations
FBI Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity Military abbreviations
FBI Friendly Bot Interaction software abbreviations and acronyms
FBI Fish Based Interface sports abbreviations
FBI Fundamentalistic Bikers, Inc. sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to fbi

  • FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
  • FBW - Fly-by-wire
  • FF - Fuel flow
  • FI - Fiscal intermediary
  • FFE - Fire for Effect
  • FH - field howitzer
  • FO - Forward Observer
  • FOO - forward observation officer
  • FPA - Focal Plane Array
  • FUE - First Unit Equipped
  • FV - fighting vehicle
  • FY - fiscal year
  • FOA - Field Operating Agency
  • FOUO - For Official Use Only
  • FW - Fighter Wing
  • FA - Fireman Apprentice
  • FHO - Foundation house officer
  • FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization
  • FYO - Federated Youth Organization