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C.M.: Meaning Category
C.M. Causa Mortis ("On occasion of death") ecclesiastical
C.M. Congregatio Missionis (Lazarists) ecclesiastical
C.M. Congregatio Mariae (Fathers of the Company of Mary) ecclesiastical
Cm: Meaning Category
Cm Curium Acronym
Cm Mean Coverage Factor Military abbreviations
CM: Meaning Category
CM Colour-marking or "continue mission" military
CM Construction Mechanic Navy
CM Cameroon (FIPS 10-4 country code; ISO 3166 digram) Acronym
CM Cruise Missile Acronym
CM Nine Hundred (in Roman numerals) Acronym
CM choke module oil&gas
CM (astrophysics terminology) Center of Mass astronomy
CM Configuration Management computing
CM Content Management computing
CM Central Midfielder sports
CM Cementitious Materials Chemistry abbreviations
CM Compound Management Chemistry abbreviations
CM Customized Microscopy Chemistry abbreviations
CM Creative Memories Community abbreviations
CM Common Man Educational abbreviations
CM Competition Master Educational abbreviations
CM Construction Management Educational abbreviations
CM Common Mode Electronics abbreviations
CM Contrast Medium Electronics abbreviations
CM Cassette Module media abbreviations and acronyms
CM Commercial Message media abbreviations and acronyms
CM Contact Management media abbreviations and acronyms
CM Contextual Media media abbreviations and acronyms
CM Chairman's Memorandum Military abbreviations
CM Changes Made Military abbreviations
CM Chemical Military abbreviations
CM Collection Management Military abbreviations
CM Collection Manager Military abbreviations
CM Colonial Marines Military abbreviations
CM Combat Magic Military abbreviations
CM Commander's Manual Military abbreviations
CM Commie Measurement Military abbreviations
CM Communication Management Military abbreviations
CM Conceptual Model Military abbreviations
CM Consequence Management Military abbreviations
CM Control Modem Military abbreviations
CM Counter-Mobility Military abbreviations
CM CounterMeasures Military abbreviations
CM CounterMine Military abbreviations
CM Court Martial Military abbreviations
CM Cache Manager software abbreviations and acronyms
CM Compilation Manager software abbreviations and acronyms
CM Completion Message software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to cm

  • COMM - Communications receiver
  • CAM - Complementary and alternative medicine
  • CMI - Case mix index
  • CON - Certificate of Need
  • CNM - Certified nurse-midwife
  • CMO - Civil - Military Operations
  • CNA - Computer Network Attack
  • CNO - Computer Network Operations
  • CGN - Guided Missile Cruiser, Nuclear Powered.
  • CN - Constructionman
  • COMMO - COMMunications Officer
  • CMA - Canadian Medical Association
  • CME - Council of Muslim Elders
  • CAEn - Close Action Engagement (constructive simulation)