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Cam.: Meaning Category
Cam. Camera (Papal Treasury) ecclesiastical
CAM: Meaning Category
CAM Complementary and alternative medicine healthcare
CAM Chemical Agent Monitor Acronym
CAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing Acronym
CAM Crassulacean acid metabolism (type of photosynthesis) Acronym
CAM Camiri Airport [Camiri, Bolivia] IATA Airport Code
CAM Central Attacking Midfielder sports
CAM Crassulacean Acid Metabolism Chemistry abbreviations
CAM complementary and alternative medicine Community abbreviations
CAM Categorical Abstract Machine computing abbreviations and acronyms
CAM Common Access Method computing abbreviations and acronyms
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing computing abbreviations and acronyms
CAM Configuration Access Method computing abbreviations and acronyms
CAM Content Addressable Memory computing abbreviations and acronyms
CAM Custom Application Management computing abbreviations and acronyms
CAM Coaching American Manager media abbreviations and acronyms
CAM Commercial Assets Mobilization Military abbreviations
CAM Common Area Maintenance Military abbreviations
CAM Coordination Alert Message Military abbreviations
CAM Crisis Action Module Military abbreviations
CAM Christian Aid Mission Non-Profit Organizations
CAM Conditional Access Module software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to cam

  • COMM - Communications receiver
  • CMI - Case mix index
  • CON - Certificate of Need
  • CNM - Certified nurse-midwife
  • CM - Colour-marking or "continue mission"
  • CMO - Civil - Military Operations
  • CNA - Computer Network Attack
  • CNO - Computer Network Operations
  • CGN - Guided Missile Cruiser, Nuclear Powered.
  • CN - Constructionman
  • COMMO - COMMunications Officer
  • CMA - Canadian Medical Association
  • CME - Council of Muslim Elders
  • CAEn - Close Action Engagement (constructive simulation)
  • CAN - Canada (ISO 3166 trigram)
  • CANA - Convulsive Antidote, Nerve Agent