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BSI: Meaning Category
BSI British Standards Institute Open Standards
BSI Basic Skills Instruction Educational abbreviations
BSI British Standards Institution media abbreviations and acronyms
BSI Base Support Installation Military abbreviations
BSI Battlefield Systems Institute (or Integration) Military abbreviations
BSI Bible Society of India Non-Profit Organizations
BSI BlindSkills, Inc. Non-Profit Organizations
BSI Blank Summer Institute, University of Iowa University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to bsi

  • BIS - Bureau of Indian Standards
  • BSA - Business Software Alliance
  • BCAA - Blue Cross Association of America
  • BASE - British Aerospace Systems and Equipment
  • BC - Battery commander
  • BCC - battery control centre
  • BOSS - Ballistic optimizing shooting system
  • BPS - Battery power source
  • BSSG - Brigade service support group
  • BX - Bionix AFV
  • BAS - Basic Allowance for Subsistance
  • BCGs - Birth Control Glasses (nickname for eye glasses issued by the US military)
  • BOHICA - Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
  • BOQ - Bachelor Officer Quarters
  • BOS - Base Operating Support
  • BS - Bomb Squadron
  • BJOY - Blue Jacket of the Year