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ARV: Meaning Category
ARV Armoured recovery vehicle or Armed Robotic Vehicle (XM1219) military
ARV Lakeland Airport (Noble F. Lee Memorial Field) [Minocqua/Woodruff, Wisconsin, United States] IATA Airport Code
ARV Associative Remote Viewing Community abbreviations
ARV Armed Robotic Vehicle Military abbreviations
ARV Armored Recovery Vehicle Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to arv

  • AARP - American Association of Retired Persons
  • AR/AAV - Armored Reconnaissance/Airborne Assault Vehicle (US)
  • ARP - Anti-radiation projectile
  • ARRV - Armoured repair and recovery vehicle
  • ARPB - Association of Recognized Professional Bodies
  • AIRFA - American Indian Religious Freedom Act
  • ARB - Administrative Review Board
  • ARBA - Army Review Boards Agency
  • ARF - ASEAN Regional Forum
  • ARPA - Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • ARRF - Allied Rapid Reaction Force
  • ARPU - Average revenue per user