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ALTA Adult Literacy Through the Arts Educational abbreviations
ALTA Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to alta

  • ALT - Either; altimeter or altitude
  • ALD - Accounting Line Designator (nuclear weapon targeting)
  • ALTE - Association of Language Testers in Europe
  • ALA DD - Doss porphyria/ALA dehydratase deficiency/Plumboporphyria (the disease is known by multiple names)
  • ALDH - ALdehyde DeHydrogenase
  • AILT - Amelia Island Lighthouse Tour
  • ALLD - Automatic Line Leak Detector
  • AELT - Aeromedical Evacuation Liaison Team
  • AHLTA - Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application
  • ALAT - Aviation Logistics Assistance Team