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Alr.: Meaning Category
Alr. Aliter ("Otherwise") ecclesiastical
ALR: Meaning Category
ALR acoustic log report oil&gas
ALR Alexandra Airport [Alexandra, New Zealand] IATA Airport Code
ALR Afternoon Lunch Rendezvous Community abbreviations
ALR Amps-Locked Rotor Electronics abbreviations
ALR American Legal Review media abbreviations and acronyms
ALR Artillery Locating Radar, AN/TPQ-37 Military abbreviations
ALR At Last Report Military abbreviations
ALR ADRIFT Language Resource software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to alr

  • ALARA - Attenuation Low And Results Achieved
  • ALOR - Aviation Logistics Operations Model
  • ALRA - Army Logistics Readiness Assessment (now ALA)
  • ALRE - Arizona Latino Research Enterprise