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ACV Aardvark Cleaning Vehicle (US) military
ACV Armoured combat vehicle military
ACV Armoured Combat Vehicle Acronym
ACV Arcata-Eureka Airport [McKinleyville, California, United States] IATA Airport Code
ACV (celestial object) Alpha Canes Venatici, a class of rotating variable stars with strong magnetic fields named after Alpha Canum Venaticorum (Cor Caroli), the archetype for the class astronomy
ACV Aggregate Compacted Value Chemistry abbreviations
ACV Asian Cinema Vision media abbreviations and acronyms
ACV Air Cushion Vehicle Military abbreviations
ACV Aircraft Cockpit Video Military abbreviations
ACV Armored Combat Vehicle Military abbreviations
ACV Armored Command Vehicle Military abbreviations
ACV Attack Combat Value Military abbreviations
ACV Autonomous Combat Vehicle Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to acv

  • ASF - Advanced Systems Format
  • ACP - Audio Control Panel
  • AGPA - American Group Practice Association
  • ACIP - Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
  • ACAVP - Advanced Composite Armoured Vehicle Platform (UK)
  • ACCV - Armored Cavalry Cannon Vehicle (US)
  • AGF - Army ground forces
  • AGV - assault gun vehicle
  • ASAP - As soon as possible
  • ASP - Automatic, self-powered
  • ASV - Armored Security Vehicle (US)
  • ACCP - American College of Chest Physicians
  • ACEP - American College of Emergency Physicians
  • ASCP - American Society for Clinical Pathology