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ACFS: Meaning Category
ACFS Advanced Concept Flight Simulator Military abbreviations
ACFS African Children?s Feeding Scheme Non-Profit Organizations
ACFS Arizona Center for Fertility Studies Non-Profit Organizations
ACFS Ashland Community Food Store Non-Profit Organizations
ACFS Advisory Council of Faculty Senates University abbreviations
ACFS American Collegiate Financial Services University abbreviations
ACFS Assumption College For Sisters University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to acfs

  • ASBC - Air and Space Basic Course
  • ASPS - American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • ACPC - 1- AminoCycloPropaneCarboxylic acid
  • ACVS - Adult Commuter and Veterans Services
  • AGBG - Animal Genetics and Biotechnology Group
  • ASFC - Automotive Safety For Children
  • ASFSA - American School Food Service Association
  • ASPC - Academic Sector Planning Committee
  • ASPCA - Architectural Support For Performance Critical Applications
  • ACPC-99 - Fourth International Conference of the Austrian Center for Parallel Computation
  • ACBJ - American City Business Journals, Inc.
  • ACFC - Angela Cartwright Fan Club
  • ACFG - Animal Crossing Friends Gathering
  • ACFK - Asociace Ceskych Filmovych Klubu
  • ACIIP(S) - Automated Clothing Initial Issue Point (System)