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ACA: Meaning Category
ACA Affordable Care Act healthcare
ACA ammunition container assembly military
ACA Airspace Control Authority Airforce
ACA Affordable Care Act, shorthand for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly called "Obamacare" Acronym
ACA Airspace Co-ordination Area Acronym
ACA A Current Affair Acronym
ACA General Juan N. Álvarez International Airport [Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico] IATA Airport Code
ACA Annual Charge Adjustment (electricity) energy
ACA Australian Clan Alliance Community abbreviations
ACA Alberta College of Art (part of SAIT and prior to 1960 part of PITA) Educational abbreviations
ACA Anisotropically Conductive Adhesive Electronics abbreviations
ACA Arrowpoint Content Awareness computing abbreviations and acronyms
ACA Avanade Connected Architectures computing abbreviations and acronyms
ACA Animated Cel Archive media abbreviations and acronyms
ACA Association of Canadian Advertisers media abbreviations and acronyms
ACA Advanced Cargo Aircraft Military abbreviations
ACA After Contract Award Military abbreviations
ACA Air Combat Command Military abbreviations
ACA Airborne Collection Assembly Military abbreviations
ACA Airlift Clearance Authorities Military abbreviations
ACA Airlift Clearance Authority Military abbreviations
ACA Airspace Coordination Area Military abbreviations
ACA Andres Castro Arms Military abbreviations
ACA Army Control Authority Military abbreviations
ACA Automatic Channel Assignment Military abbreviations
ACA Automatic Conference Arranger Military abbreviations
ACA Adult Children Anonymous Non-Profit Organizations
ACA Adult Children of Alcoholics Non-Profit Organizations
ACA Alley Cat Allies Non-Profit Organizations
ACA American Camp Association Non-Profit Organizations
ACA Amputee Coalition of America Non-Profit Organizations
ACA Animal Charities of America Non-Profit Organizations
ACA Asia Children's Assistance, LTD. Non-Profit Organizations
ACA Association of Chinese Americans Non-Profit Organizations
ACA Arithmetical Comprehension Axiom software abbreviations and acronyms
ACA Adventure Cycling Association sports abbreviations
ACA American Canoe Association sports abbreviations
ACA Austin Cycling Association sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to aca

  • AAC - Advanced Audio Coding
  • ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • ACC - Area Control Centre
  • ACS - Audio Control System
  • AGC - Automatic gain control
  • AHC - Attitude Heading Control
  • AOC - Aeronautical Operational Control
  • ASU - Avionics switching unit
  • ACHE - American College of Healthcare Executives
  • ACU - Ambulatory care unit
  • AG - Attorney General
  • ASC - Ambulatory surgery center
  • ASO - Administrative services only contract
  • AS - Aortic stenosis
  • AAG - Anti-aircraft gun
  • AAK - Appliqué armor kit (US)
  • A/C - aircraft commander
  • AC - alternating current
  • ACCE - Abrams/Crusader Common Engine