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abd.: Meaning Category
abd. artists board Community abbreviations
Abd.: Meaning Category
Abd. Abdominal healthcare
ABD: Meaning Category
ABD Abadan Airport [Abadan, Iran] IATA Airport Code
ABD American Board of Dermatology Community abbreviations
ABD Attack By Drawing media abbreviations and acronyms
ABD Air Base Defense Military abbreviations
ABD Aircraft Battle Damage Military abbreviations
ABD Art of Boomerang Design sports abbreviations
ABD All But Dissertation University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to abd

  • AFD - Autopilot flight director
  • ABIT - advanced built-in test
  • APIT - Armour-piercing incendiary tracer
  • APT - Armour-piercing tracer
  • APTE - Abrams Power Train Evolution (US)
  • AVT - Advanced Vehicle Technologies (US)
  • AFIT - Air Force Institute of Technology
  • AFPD - Air Force Policy Directive
  • AFPET - Air Force Petroleum Agency
  • AFTO - Air Force Technical Order
  • APTI - Association of Principals of Technical Institutions
  • ABET - Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
  • AFT - American Farmland Trust
  • APOD - Aerial Port (Airport) Of Debarkation
  • APD - application for permit to drill
  • APWD - annular pressure while drilling (tool)
  • ABT - Al-Baha Domestic Airport