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aar: Meaning Category
aar Afar language (ISO 639-2 code) Acronym
AAR: Meaning Category
AAR After Action Review military
AAR after-action review Acronym
AAR Association of American Railroads Acronym
AAR Aarhus Airport [Aarhus, Denmark] IATA Airport Code
AAR Average Art Rating Community abbreviations
AAR Alternate Assessment Reading Educational abbreviations
AAR Aftermarket Automotive Review media abbreviations and acronyms
AAR Association of Authors Representatives media abbreviations and acronyms
AAR After Action Report Military abbreviations
AAR Air To Air Refueling Military abbreviations
AAR All American Rejects Military abbreviations
AAR Alliance for Aging Research Non-Profit Organizations
AAR Able And Ready sports abbreviations
AAR After Action Rub sports abbreviations
AAR All American Racers sports abbreviations
AAR All American Racing sports abbreviations
AAR Affirmative Action Review University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to aar

  • AIIR - Airborne infection isolation room
  • AR - Assault rifle
  • ARE - Atelier de Construction Roanne
  • ARI - Alcohol Related Incident
  • ARA - American Rheumatological Association
  • AIR - Aircraft Inventory Record
  • AOR - Area of Responsibility
  • ARH - Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter
  • AIRRE - airgun report
  • AER - Adler-Sochi International Airport