544 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
Gl. Gloria ("Glory to God", etc.)
Gnalis Generalis ("General")
Gr. Gratia ("Grace")
Grad. Gradus ("Grade")
Great. Gratias ("Thanks"); or Gratis ("Without expense")
H. Haeres ("Heir"); Hic ("Here")
hebd. Hebdomada ("Week")
H.L.S. Hoc Loco Situs ("Laid [or Put] in This Place")
H.M.F.F. Hoc Monumentum Fieri Fecit ("Caused This Monument to be Made")
Hom. Homilia ("Homily" Breviary)
hor. hora ("hour")
H.S. Hic Situs ("Laid Here")
Humil. Humiliter ("Humbly")
Humoi. Hujusmodi ("Of this kind")
IC Jesus (first and third letters of His name in Greek)
ID. Idibus ("On the Ides")
Id. Idus ("Ides")
IDNE. Indictione ("In the Indiction" a chronological term)
Igr. Igitur ("Therefore")
I.H.S. Iesus Hominum Salvator ("Jesus Saviour of Men" usual interpretation). Really a faulty Latin transliteration of the first three letters of *JESUS in Greek (IHS for IHC).
I.L.H. Jus Liberorum Habens ("Possessing the Right of Children" i.e., eligibility to public office under age)
INB. In Bono ("In Good [odour]")
IND. Same as IDNE
Ind. Indictio ("Indiction")
Ind. Index
Infraptum. Infrascriptum ("Written below")
INP In Pace ("In Peace")
Inq. Inquisitio ("Inquisition")
Inst. Char. Institutum C(h)aritatis (Rosminians)
Intropta. Introscripta ("Written within")
i.p.i. in partibus infidelium ("among the infidels")
Irregulte. Irregularitate ("Irregularity" abl. case)
Is. Idus ("Ides")
I.X. In Christo ("In Christ")
J.C. Jesus Christus ("Jesus Christ")
J.C.D. Juris Canonici Doctor, Juris Civilis Doctor ("Doctor of Canon Law", "Doctor of Civil Law")
J.D. Juris Doctor ("Doctor of Law")
J.M.J. Jesus, Maria, Joseph ("Jesus, Mary, Joseph")
Jo., Joann. Joannes ("John")
J.U.D. Juris Utriusque Doctor ("Doctor of Both Laws" Civil and Canon)
Jud. Judicium ("Judgment")
J.U.L. Juris Utriusque Licentiatus ("Licentiate of Both Laws")
Jur. Juris ("Of Law")
K. Kalendas ("Calends"); or Care, Carus, Cara ("Dear One"); or Carissimus[a] ("Dearest")
Kal. Kalendae ("Calends")
K.B.M. Karissimo Bene Merenti ("To the Most Dear and Well-deserving")
L. Locus ("Place")
Laic. Laicus ("Layman")
Laud. Laudes ("Lauds" Breviary)
l.c.; loc. cit. Loco citato ("at the place already cited")