8018 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
YPA Young Peoples' Association
YPA Youngstown Police Association
YPB Youth in Philanthropy Board
YPD Young People's Department
YPF Young Peoples Forum
YPN Young Professionals Network
YPN Youth Peace-builder Network
YPN Yuma Pagan Network
YPO Young People Organization
YPR Young Professionals of Racine
YPV Young People's Village
YPW Youth Priorities Workgroup
YR Youth Resource
YR Youth Restoration
YR Youth Rights
YRBS Youth Risk Behavior Surveys
YRC Youth Restoration Corps
YRC Youth Rights Community
YRE Year Round Event
YRF Youth Renewal Fund
YRP York Road Partnership
YRP Youth Recreation Place
YS Yard Sale
YS Your Survey
YS Youth Specialties
YSB Youth Service Bureau
YSC Young Scandinavians Club
YSC Youth Service Center
YSF Youth Service Fund
YSP Youth Smoking Prevention
YSY Youth Serving Youth
YT Youth Tech
YTF Youth Task Force
YTP Youth Transition Program
YTS Youth Tobacco Survey
YTY Youth Teaching Youth
YUK Youth Under Konstruction
YUPER Someone from the Michigan Upper Peninsula
YUPPIE Young Upwardly-mobile Professional
YV Youth Version
YVA Yadkin Valley Appellation
YVA Young Volunteers in Action
YVC Youth Volunteer Corps
YVVS Yadkin Valley Vineyard Site
YWA Young Women's Alliance of Austin
YWB Yellow Wedding Band
YWD Yarmouth Water Division
YWD York West District
YWIB Yonkers Workforce Investment Board