schism has 18 translations in 9 languages

translations of schism

SV EN English 2 translations
  • schism (n) [religion]
  • chasm (n) [difference of opinion]
SV ES Spanish 2 translations
  • cisma (n) [split, division, separation, discord] {f}
  • disensión (n) [difference of opinion] {f}
SV FR French 2 translations
  • fossé (n) [difference of opinion] {m}
  • divergence (n) [difference of opinion] {f}
SV PT Portuguese 2 translations
  • cisma (n) [difference of opinion] {f}
  • abismo (n) [difference of opinion] {m}
SV IT Italian 3 translations
  • scisma (n) [split, division, separation, discord] {m}
  • divario (n) [difference of opinion] {m}
  • divergenza (n) [difference of opinion] {f}
SV DE German 2 translations
  • Schisma (n) [religion] {n}
  • Kluft (n) [difference of opinion] {f}
SV NL Dutch 3 translations
  • schisma (n) [split, division, separation, discord] {n}
  • kloof (n) [difference of opinion] {m}
  • meningsverschil (n) [difference of opinion] {n}
SV PL Polish 1 translation
  • schizma (v) [split, division, separation, discord] (n)
SV RU Russian 1 translation