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Spanish Spanish

tocador (muebles)

English English

boudoir (general) chest of drawers (muebles) commode (muebles) dresser (muebles) dressing table (muebles)

German German

Boudoir (general) Frisiertoilette (muebles) Kommode (muebles)

French French

boudoir (general) chiffonnier (muebles) coiffeuse (muebles) commode (muebles) table de toilette (muebles) toilette (muebles)

Italian Italian

boudoir (general) cassettone (muebles) salottino (general) toeletta (muebles)

Dutch Dutch

boudoir (general) dressoir (muebles) kaptafel (muebles) ladenkast (muebles) toilettafel (muebles)

Portuguese Portuguese

boudoir (general) cômoda (muebles) penteadeira (muebles)

Swedish Swedish

toalettbord (muebles)

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