veia metálica has 11 translations in 6 languages

translations of veia metálica

PT EN English 1 translation
  • lode (n) [geologia]
PT ES Spanish 2 translations
  • veta (n) [geologia] {f}
  • filón (n) [geologia] {m}
PT FR French 2 translations
  • veine (n) [geologia] {f}
  • filon (n) [geologia] {m}
PT IT Italian 2 translations
  • vena (n) [geologia] {f}
  • filone (n) [geologia] {m}
PT DE German 2 translations
  • Gang (n) [geologia] {m}
  • Ader (n) [geologia] {f}
PT NL Dutch 2 translations

Synonyms for veia metálica

  1. Meaning: geologia [n]
    veia metálica {f}, filão metálico {m}, veio {m}, filão {m}

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