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translations of crucial

PT EN English 6 translations
PT ES Spanish 4 translations
PT FR French 6 translations
PT IT Italian 5 translations
PT DE German 7 translations
PT NL Dutch 6 translations
PT SV Swedish 4 translations
PT CS Czech 2 translations
  • kritický (determiner pronoun) [extremely important]
  • rozhodující (determiner pronoun) [extremely important]
PT PL Polish 2 translations
  • krytyczny (adj int n v) [extremely important]
  • krzyżowy (adj int n v) [cross-shaped] (adj)
PT DA Danish 1 translation
PT BG Bulgarian 3 translations
PT RU Russian 3 translations

Synonyms for crucial

  1. Meaning: crítico [a]
  2. Meaning: final [a]
  3. Meaning: crucial [a]
    crucial, culminante
  4. Meaning: crítico [a]
    crucial, definitivo, decisivo
  5. Meaning: perigo [a]

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