compreensível has 35 translations in 13 languages

translations of compreensível

PT EN English 3 translations
PT ES Spanish 3 translations
  • comprensible (a) [comportamento, able to be comprehended, inteligível]
  • entendible [capable of being understood] (adj)
  • inteligible (a) [comportamento, inteligível]
PT FR French 5 translations
  • comprenable [capable of being understood] (adj)
  • compréhensible (a) [inteligível, capable of being understood, comportamento, able to be comprehended]
  • normal (a) [comportamento, inteligível]
  • naturel (a) [inteligível, comportamento] {m}
  • intelligible (a) [inteligível, comportamento]
PT IT Italian 2 translations
  • comprensibile (n adj v int) [able to be comprehended, comportamento, capable of being understood, inteligível]
  • intelligibile (a) [inteligível, comportamento]
PT DE German 5 translations
PT NL Dutch 4 translations
  • te begrijpen (a) [inteligível, comportamento]
  • verstaanbaar (a) [inteligível, comportamento]
  • bevattelijk (a) [inteligível, comportamento]
  • begrijpelijk (adj int n v) [capable of being understood, comportamento, inteligível, able to be comprehended]
PT SV Swedish 3 translations
  • förståelig (proverb) [capable of being understood, inteligível, comportamento]
  • begriplig (a) [inteligível, comportamento]
  • fattbar (a) [comportamento, inteligível]
PT CS Czech 2 translations
  • srozumitelný (determiner pronoun) [able to be comprehended, capable of being understood]
  • pochopitelný (determiner pronoun) [capable of being understood]
PT PL Polish 1 translation
  • zrozumiały (adj int n v) [able to be comprehended, capable of being understood]
PT DA Danish 1 translation
PT BG Bulgarian 1 translation
PT HU Hungarian 1 translation
  • érthető (acronym) [capable of being understood] (adj)
PT RU Russian 4 translations