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translations of brusco

PT EN English 8 translations
PT ES Spanish 12 translations
PT FR French 12 translations
PT IT Italian 14 translations
PT DE German 5 translations
PT NL Dutch 15 translations
PT SV Swedish 17 translations

Synonyms for brusco

  1. Meaning: inesperado [a]
    repentino, rude, bruto {m}, tosco, brusco
  2. Meaning: abrupto [a]
  3. Meaning: rústico [a]
    rude, mal-educado {m}, bruto {m}, brusco, cru, mal-criado, grosseiro {m}, tosco
  4. Meaning: rude [a]
    tosco, brusco, brutal, selvagem {m}, grosseiro {m}, bruto {m}
  5. Meaning: vulgar [a]
    grosseiro {m}, brusco, mal-educado {m}, tosco, bruto {m}, grosso {m}, obsceno, cru, mal-criado, seco, frio {m}, rude

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