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translations of voorzeker

NL EN English 7 translations
NL ES Spanish 18 translations
NL FR French 23 translations
NL DE German 9 translations
NL IT Italian 16 translations
NL PT Portuguese 19 translations
NL SV Swedish 18 translations
NL CS Czech 4 translations
  • zajisté (determiner adv n) [emphatic affirmative answer]
  • jistě (determiner adv n) [without doubt, surely, emphatic affirmative answer]
  • určitě (determiner adv n) [emphatic affirmative answer, without doubt, surely]
  • nepochybně (determiner adv n) [without doubt, surely, emphatic affirmative answer]
NL PL Polish 3 translations
  • na pewno (adv adj pronoun) [emphatic affirmative answer]
  • zdecydowanie (adv adj pronoun) [emphatic affirmative answer] {n}
  • z pewnością (adv adj pronoun) [without doubt, surely]
NL BG Bulgarian 3 translations
NL RU Russian 5 translations
NL HI Hindi 1 translation
NL JA Japanese 7 translations
  • 必ず (adj n v) [without doubt, surely, emphatic affirmative answer] (adv)
  • 全く (adj n v) [emphatic affirmative answer] (adv)
  • 確かに (adj n v) [without doubt, surely] (adv)
  • 絶対に (adj n v) [without doubt, surely] (adv int)
  • 確実に (adj n v) [without doubt, surely] (adv)
  • その通り (adj n v) [emphatic affirmative answer] (phrase)
  • もちろん (adj n v) [emphatic affirmative answer] (mochiron)
NL VI Vietnamese 1 translation
  • chứ [without doubt, surely] (adv)

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