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NL EN English 12 translations
NL ES Spanish 37 translations
NL FR French 41 translations
NL DE German 11 translations
NL IT Italian 46 translations
NL PT Portuguese 31 translations
NL SV Swedish 42 translations
NL PL Polish 2 translations
NL DA Danish 1 translation
  • fræk (proper n adj v) [rude or inappropriate] (adj)
NL BG Bulgarian 2 translations
NL HU Hungarian 2 translations
  • barbár (conj adv pronoun n) [Barbaric, not civilized]
  • civilizálatlan (conj adv pronoun n) [Barbaric, not civilized] (adj n v)
NL RU Russian 4 translations

Synonyms for onbeschoft

  1. Meaning: brutaal [a/o]
    grof, honds, lomp, ongemanierd, ruw, onbeschoft
  2. Meaning: brutaal [a/o]
    onbeschaamd, onbeschoft, schaamteloos
  3. Meaning: ongemanierd [a/o]
    lomp, onbehouwen, onbeschoft, onbeleefd
  4. Meaning: honds [a/o]
    grof, lomp, onbeschaamd, onbeschoft, schandelijk
  5. Meaning: lomp [a/o]

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