binnenplaats has 32 translations in 15 languages

translations of binnenplaats

NL EN English 4 translations
NL ES Spanish 3 translations
NL FR French 5 translations
NL DE German 3 translations
NL IT Italian 3 translations
  • patio (n) [architectuur] {m}
  • cortile (n) [unroofed walled area, huis] {m}
  • corte (n) [unroofed walled area] {f}
NL PT Portuguese 2 translations
  • quintal (n) [huis, architectuur] {m}
  • pátio (n) [unroofed walled area, huis, architectuur] {m}
NL SV Swedish 3 translations
NL CS Czech 1 translation
NL DA Danish 1 translation
NL BG Bulgarian 1 translation
NL HU Hungarian 1 translation
  • udvar [unroofed walled area]
NL RU Russian 2 translations
NL HI Hindi 1 translation
NL JA Japanese 1 translation
  • 中庭 [unroofed walled area] (n v)
NL VI Vietnamese 1 translation
  • sân [unroofed walled area] (n v)

Synonyms for binnenplaats

  1. Meaning: plaats [n]
    erf {n}, binnenplaats {m}
  2. Meaning: hof [n]
    cour, erf {n}, gaard, plaats {m}, tuin {m}, binnenplaats {m}
  3. Meaning: hof [n]
    binnenplaats {m}, cour, erf {n}, plaats {m}, tuin {m}, gaard

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