manganello has 26 translations in 10 languages

translations of manganello

IT EN English 5 translations
IT ES Spanish 3 translations
IT FR French 4 translations
  • baguette (n) [polizia] {f}
  • matraque (n) [polizia, leather-covered hand weapon, club of the police] {f}
  • bâton (n) [polizia] {m}
  • gourdin (n) [polizia] {m}
IT DE German 4 translations
IT NL Dutch 3 translations
IT PT Portuguese 3 translations
IT SV Swedish 1 translation
  • batong [club of the police] (u)
IT PL Polish 1 translation
  • pałka (v n adj) [club of the police] {f}
IT RU Russian 1 translation
IT JA Japanese 1 translation
  • 警棒 (init abbr) [club of the police] (n v)